Mount Lemmon is a good area for more advanced cyclists though several forest service trails exist which can be used by the less experienced. The southwest portion of the mountain is designated as a wilderness area and is off-limits to cyclists. Summer temperatures on Mt. Lemmon tend to stay in the upper 80's making this area a good retreat from Tucson's summer heat. Popular trails on top of the mountain include the Sunset trail, Aspen Draw , and more. A popular loop on top of the mountain is to park at the Mt Bigelow parking lot across from Shower point, riding up the trail to the top of Bigelow, head down the fire road to the Secret trail, down 1918, to the Sunset trail, up the road past Summerhaven,climbing up to the top of the Ski Valley Down Aspen draw trail, and back to the cars by trail or road. A link to a google map of this route is here:

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